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Your website is the front door to your business. It is your prime marketing tool and the fastest way to share your contact information. A credible website shouts “Welcome” while a website with typos and weak navigation screams “Go away.”

RJ Thesman is skilled in spotting areas where websites can be improved. Do It Write Editorial Services offers the following website services:

  • Macro edit – what does your website really say?
  • Navigation system – do the nav tabs and drop downs flow easily?
  • Readability stats – can the general public read and understand your website?
  • Line edits – are there typos, grammar and punctuation errors?
  • Consultation – what is the best way to open your website’s front door?


  • $35 / hour
  • Billed on the quarter hour
  • Mileage – $.50 / mile

For help with your website, contact:

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