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“RJ is a personable speaker and projects herself well. She uses PowerPoint and colorful, attractive handouts to lead the listener through all the points of her presentation. The handouts are complete enough for her audience to take home and keep for later reference.” – LeAnn Campbell, Author Moms Over 50 Devotions to Go.

Available Workshops by RJ Thesman:

  • Sometimes They Forget
  • Fueling Your Nonfiction with Creativity
  • Blogging with a Purpose
  • Hope 4 Single Moms
  • The Power of Intercessory Prayer
  • Writing for the Web
  • In the Beginning – for new writers
  • How to Organize Your Writing Life

Chinese ESL Class

“Rebecca is one of my best ESL teachers. Her class is tremendously interesting and entertaining; but most importantly, educational. It is a pleasure to hear her teach. From beginning to end, her teaching is consistently fascinating, vivid and at the same time, to the point. She constantly encourages everyone in her class.”

– Dr. Jinyu Ren

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